Special Steel

  • Automotive Products
  • Industrial Machinery

NIPPON STEEL NISSHIN has been producing flat-rolled special steel products for more than fifty years and now holds approximately 50% of the market share in Japan.
There are several reasons behind our predominant presence.

Cold-rolled special steel strip
(spiral spring)

Excellent Manufacturing Technology and Product Quality

We have been fully committed to responding to such diverse customer needs as reducing costs, upgrading their own products, and trying out new fabricating techniques and processes for efficiency. In furtherance of our long-time relationships with our customers, we continue to improve our technologies and quality and develop new, multifunctional steel.

Cold-rolled special steel strip

Availability of Wide Variety of Steel

We produce approximately 150 types of steel, according to JIS, SAE, and own mill standards with improved temperability and malleability as requested by customers.

10 series, 15 series, 41 series, 51 series, 61 series, 86 series

Our products are supplied in:

Hot-rolled steel sheet ;
hot-rolled, pickled, or pickled and annealed
Cold-rolled steel sheet and strip ;
tempered or annealed

Market for Special Steel

Our main market for special steel is automotive parts, accounting for 70%, followed by industrial machine components and cutting tools. Major applications include:

Clutch plates for automatic transmissions :
temper-rolled S35C
Seat belt buckles :
hot and cold S55C, N55D (Nisshin standard)
Sheet gear :
hot and cold S45C, SCM415, SNCM220

These automotive parts are made with the fine blanking method and cold-rolled strip is used. But, due to improvements in the fine blanking technology and steel quality, hotrolled steel sheet is increasingly being used and, in the near future, will completely replace cold-rolled strip.

Cold-rolled special steel
Tough-Tain I (seat belt buckles)