Coated Steel

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Productivity, Quality, and Wide Application

The history of coated steel began with measures to counteract steel's weakest point: rust. Steel-coating methods can be divided into plating and coating and plating further divided into electroplating and hot dipping. Today, steel is coated not only for protection against rust but also to meet the demand for environment-friendly features, such as product longevity, efficient use of resources, process efficiency, and cleanliness. In hot dipping, we diversify and combine both the substrate and coating materials to create unique heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant products. Through this process, we achieve sophisticated, long-lasting products. In electroplating, we fuse high-quality membranes to the plate to produce products with such beneficial features as emollient surfacing and superb processability.

In consideration of the environment, we have totally eliminated hexavalent chromium from the post-treatment process.

We have created numerous products that feature enhanced aesthetics as well as such benefits as superb processability, pollution prevention, and wear and abrasion resistance. Some examples are Tecstar, which is a supercorrosion-resistant precoated steel that maintains its surface quality, even during deep drawing; our lubricated galvanized steel, which eliminates the customer's need for product degreasing ; and our heat-resistant, nonadhesive steel.

(structual material used in prefabricated homes)

Diversified Substrates and Coating Materials Combined to Create Unique Hot-Dipped Products

The hot-dipping technique is derived from the YG method, which has been used to develop numerous products, as it allows a greater variety of base material and plating material combination matrices. Examples of these products include PAINTITE (zinccoated steel), ALSTAR (aluminum-coated steel), Galvastar (55% aluminum-zinc-alloycoated steel), and ZAM® (next-generation hotdipped, super-corrosion-resistant zincaluminum- magnesium-alloy-coated steel). We are creating products with special features that meet the needs of our clients and finding optimal applications for the sheet products we manufacture.

ALSTAR Stainless Steel
(factory roofing for seaside locations)

The Super Corrosion Resistance and Smooth Surface of Our Electroplated Galvanized Steel Sheet Make It the Material of Choice in the Market

As electroplating can be used to coat products of any shape, this method has a wide variety of applications, especially in the electronics industry. Our MOONSTAR Zinc and MOONSTAR Zinc Super are representative of our electroplated galvanized steel product lineup.

Coated Steel with Added Magnesium ZAM®

ZAM® is hot-dipped zinc-aluminum-magnesium-alloy-coated steel developed as a highly suitable new product for the 21st century. Our newly developed technology, which involves adding magnesium bath at a stable rate during the plating process, enables super corrosion resistance without increased coating weight.
In addition to its durability, ZAM® is an apt response to the shift from the use of wood to steel as a construction material. ZAM® contributes to the conservation of forests and is thus friendly to society and the environment. ZAM® is the product of the new galvanizing line at the Toyo Works, and we are working to expand its applications.

Sound Barrier Panel

Chromium-Free Surface Treatment Reduces Environmental Impact

We offer a variety of coated steel sheets with special post-treatments containing no environmentally-unfriendly hexavalent and other chromium compounds. Our product lineup in this area can meet diverse needs, and includes such metal-coated sheets as MOONSTAR Zinc (electrogalvanized steel), ZAM® , and ALSTAR (hot dipped aluminized steel).

MOONSTAR Zinc : Chromium-Free Electrogalvanized Steel Sheets

MOONSTAR Zinc, without any trace of environmentally-unfriendly chromium, offers properties valued by customers including excellent corrosion resistance, smudge resistance, electrical conductivity, paint and lubricant acceptance, weldability and formability. This product is currently used widely in personal computers, printers, copiers, and other similar applications.

Chromium-Free Precoated Steel Sheets for Applications Requiring High Formability

Manufacturers of home electrical appliances require precoated steel sheets with paint film adhesion strong enough to withstand forming and processing, and with adequate durability against food, cleansers, solvents, and acids and alkalis. Consequently, we have carried out wide-ranging investigations on every aspect of paint-coating process including pre-treatments, rust-resistant pigments and paint resins, and have successfully developed highly formable chromate-free precoated steel sheets to meet such needs.